Thursday, May 8, 2014

My 2009 Sporting News cover - Sam Bradford and Tim Tebow

I photographed Sam Bradford and Tim Tebow the day before the 2008 Home Depot College Football Awards at the Boardwalk Resort at Walt Disney World. Both guys were very nice and professional, but Sam was pretty shy. We chatted about golf for a little. Tim was already a seasoned media pro. I had photographed him three other times so we already had a good working relationship.  This cover came about pretty quick - they both had many media obligations that day. I intended to use their helmets, but the Oklahoma SID didn't have Sam's helmet. We had to settle on footballs. 

Although Tim's Gators would win the 2009 BCS Championship, Sam wound up being the 2010 #1 overall draft pick to the St Louis Cardinals. Tim went #25 to the Denver Broncos. 

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