Thursday, August 11, 2011

Southwest Airlines print ad

My favorite image from the shoot - A "Charlie's Angels" inspired pose. 

I was really excited when got the phone call to bid on a national Southwest Airlines print ad. Southwest always has always shown really interesting and creative ads on air and in print. Southwest Airlines wanted to create a nice print piece that would help announce their purchase of Airtran Airways. All four of the talent would be actual airline employees.
After getting awarded the job, I quickly assembled my team: 
-Local art director Julio Lima from Say it Loud rented me his studio for the day
-Gaffer Michael Smallwood is my gaffer and lit the set
-Ana Rivera from Beaute Speciale handled the hair & make up
-Tammara Kohler from Fused Fashion took care of the wardrobe 

On the day of the shoot, we had transportation pick up the 4 Southwest Airlines executives, the 3 ad agency creatives and the 4 talent from Orlando International Airport. We got them all to the studio safely and fed them a nice catered lunch before getting started. 
On the white cyc wall we shot many variations. Different groupings, posing and wardrobe. I lit the talent evenly at first, but after reviewing the comp with the art director, I added a high sidelight on the left. We needed to match the "daylight" from the existing plane image that would be used in the composite. My favorite were the funnier, looser grab shots you get after the crew gets to know each other. Below is the final print ad. 
The final print ad

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